Jun. 6, 2012 at 3:59pm with 2 notes
There are people who like to bitch about my generation. Regardless of class or context or individuality, they present us – and dismiss us – as self-satisfied, self-centred, ignorant and profoundly ungrateful. It enrages me. I understand why those stereotypes exist but that is not the same as accepting their implications. Perhaps every generation is doomed to rebel against and be resented by their predecessors, whether for rejecting the previous generation’s values or for embodying them too well. (If my generation is self-centred, is that not the inevitable outcome of growing up under neoliberalism? If my generation is politically apathetic, is that not understandable given a lifetime of public alienation from the concerns of mainstream government? A generation that grows up with an all-encompassing market and limited capacity to organise becomes mired in liberalism and wary of collectivity and community – is it really so hard to understand why?)